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WordPress is great for those who want to make many frequent changes to their website without help from a developer. It is also great if you want a blog or the ability to add your own pages further down the line.

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Who is this for?

This is for those who just need a site to lead people to for extra information, to link to from their social media or Google maps pin. It is especially for those who want to get up and running quickly as I make use of a premium theme or template and do basic customisations to fit your needs. This brings down the price significantly. Specifically, A WordPress website is for those who want to make very frequent changes to their website without the assistance of a web developer.


Its WordPress

WordPress is the most popular cms platform and thanks to numerous plugins it is very capable and jam-packed with features like e-commerce and blogging.


With WordPress, you can make most of the changes you want without the help of a developer. But just remember with great power comes great responsibility.

Cost Effective

With a WordPress website, you can do many of the updates yourself, meaning you don't need me to do minor updates to your website all the time, saving you money.

The Process

Here is a summarized version of the process of building your website for a detailed list of each step click this link to get details on every step of the website building process.


Initial Meeting

We discuss why you need a website and what you plan on getting out of your website so that I can generate a plan.



You choose a template or I begin designing mockups for your website for you to review.



I start building your website and you give me content that you want included on the website.



The website is done, you give me your hosting provider's login details and I upload the website.


This pricing is for the designing, building and deploying of your website, the particulars of what is and is not included in this pricing are noted below.




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Your New Website

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