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Big Byte Solutions is a web development and design company. I make really cool websites, let me make yours as well 😃.

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Creative Solutions

I am able to draw from my many skills to find an adequate solution for your unique problem or need.

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Great Design

Whether it's a template or a website built from scratch, I create sites that follow sound graphic design principles for the best user experience.

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Built To Last

I stick to tried and true web technologies so that your website remains secure and running with little to no maintenance.

Featured Projects

Here are some of my projects, Most have been designed and built from scratch using the most popular frameworks like vue.js, Django and my own rest APIs.

screencapture-gas-installers-co-za-2022-12-03-09_19_52 is a website that receives over 3000 visitors every month.

My Key Skills

Instead of being a jack of all trades and a master or none, I would much rather do a few key things very well. These are the skills that I feel I am most comfortable with.


You could say most of what is on this list falls under Web Development. I am no expert, but over the years I have gained a lot of experience in the Web Development field and the rest of the points go into more detail.


I am good at building websites with Django (this is a Django site) and I have built a few sites with Node.js and Express. Regardless of which technology I use, I consider my skills in Backend Development to be adequate for a variety of needs.


Frontend development concerns mostly what the user can see and this is where I began my development journey, I have gained much experience in this field, it is one of the most rewarding fields to work on because you get to see what you are working on every step of the way.


My frontend framework of choice is Vue.js/Nuxt. For me it's simple and it is very easy to maintain which is great for my clients if they decide to get another developer to maintain their project and also very easy for me as it is the closest to plain HTML, CSS and Javascript but still has great features.


I am no designer, but I am able to follow key graphic design principles that make the websites I create able to convey the message they are meant to convey and drive the action they are meant to drive.

I am able to come up with unique designs and also draw inspiration from others when my clients present their own ideas.


Scraping the web is one of the most important skills someone can have in this digital age. Over the years I have grown my web scraping skills into a truly viable skill. I mainly use Selenium (Python) but I am equally skilled in writing scrapers in Puppeteer (Node.js) and with standard get requests and parsers.

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