Basic Web Design And Development

The basic web design and development service is where I build you a basic static website Or a WordPress website based on a template either using standard HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP or with Vue/Nuxt.js to take advantage of the latest web technologies.

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Who is this for?

This is for those who just need a site to lead people to for extra information, to link to from their social media or Google maps pin. It is especially for those who want to get up and running quickly as I make use of a premium theme or template and do basic customisations to fit your needs. This brings down the price significantly.


No Updates Needed

A static website never needs to be updated like a WordPress site. So you never need to worry about your website breaking after an update. The files remain the same and don't need to be upgraded.

Fast Load Speeds

I make use of the latest web technologies to drastically bring down the file size of your website which means your website loads as fast as possible. Also, there is no backend to slow things down so your web page downloads without delay.

Cost Effective

A static website can be hosted at a fraction of the cost of a VPS for example. There is also no need to worry about maintenance costs for web hosting as the host does not need to do anything except serving files.

Rock Solid Security

With static sites, there is no backend to hack, just files on a server which cannot be manipulated unless hackers gain access to the server (not easy). So it is by far one of the best options if the security of your site is a concern to you.

The Process

Here is a summarized version of the process of building your website for a detailed list of each step click this link to get details on every step of the website building process.


Initial Meeting

We discuss why you need a website and what you plan on getting out of your website so that I can generate a plan.



You choose a template or I begin designing mockups for your website for you to review.



I start building your website and you give me content that you want included on the website.



The website is done, you give me your hosting provider's login details and I upload the website.


This pricing is for the designing, building and deploying of your website, the particulars of what is and is not included in this pricing are noted below.




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Your New Website

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